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Atomic Box

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Atomic Box are an industrial band, yes. But they're also the super-secret operations arm of the Atomic Resonance Commission. They'd tell you what this has to do with music, but then they'd have to disintegrate you.
2001, adult swim, air wonder stories, alfred bester, aliens, amazing stories, anime, anthony boucher, aqua team hunger force, army of darkness, arthur c. clarke, ash, astounding science fiction, atomic, atomic bombs, atomic box, atomic energy, bems, books, buck rogers, burt rutan, cheese, chemistry, chesley bonestell, comics, conquest of space, contempt, crop circles, cthulu, dead alive, death rays, destination moon, disintegration rays, dna, donald a. wallheim, ebm, ed wood, einstein, electro, everything, evil dead, fermi, fission, flash gordon, flying saucers, forbidden planet, frank kelly freas, frank r. paul, fred pohl, fusion, galaxy, gardner dozois, george pal, godzilla, goth, h.g. wells, h.p. lovecraft, hal clement, hamilton electric watches, horace gold, illuminati, illuminatus, industrial music, isaac asimov, jack vance, jack williamson, jackson publick, joe haldeman, john w. campbell, judith merrill, jules verne, kaiju big battel, lehr, leslie groves, lord of the rings, los alamos, manga, martians, men in black, metal, monsters, movies, nasa, nuclear, oppenheimer, outer limits, periodic table of elements, physics, planet stories, post-wwii life, pulps, punk, ray bradbury, ray guns, reverend doctor atomic, richard powers, robby the robot, robert anton wilson, robert heinlein, robert wise, robots, rock and roll, rockets, root beer, science fiction, sealab 2021, seasoned salt, secret societies, solar system, space, space ships, spaceship one, special agent greene, star trek, star wars, startling stories, synthesizers, szillard, the dawning, the incredibles, the manhattan project, the one bob, the tick, theodore sturgeon, this island earth, twilight zone, universe, venture brothers, war of the worlds, werner von braun, william gibson, willy ley, yoo-hoo