atomic_box (atomic_box) wrote,

From: Agent Greene, Atomic Box (rogue)

It has been far too long.

After a hurried... shall we say, conversation... with the current Minister of Information (the fifth to hold this position since our last official missive), I have established full, although not exactly "endorsed", control over most of Atomic Box's former assets. I am seeking to reestablish contact with the Reverend Doctor Atomic, and if all goes according to plan, within scant few months we will have revived former Box operations, albeit without ARC oversight. It is a sad comment on our current situation that this unsponsored status is, in fact, a good thing.

For those not currently in the know, around mid-2006 the Atomic Resonance Commission reassigned the Reverend Doctor and myself "temporarily" to assist with "high priority ongoing projects of utmost immediacy and grave concern" in other ARC departments. I was shoehorned into the Committee on Probability Inversion to work on the rather simplistic but calculation intensive project of quantum probability manipulation through particle re-entanglement, and the Rev. Dr. was shuttled off to Prague to study the impact of video on Beta wave decay. When I was instructed to boost our equations to apply to quantum field entanglement, I knew that "temporarily" was a sham. Three weeks later the Atomic Box project was officially put on "indefinite hiatus". The scant few full-time ARC employees left in the department were all reassigned within the Commission, to various degrees of success. Of our externs, all but three were terminated.

Over the next several months I tried to keep the Doctor appraised of departmental happenings, but his replies were both brief and increasingly infrequent. Within a year all channels of communication with the Reverend had gone cold, over half of the Atomic Box project's former staff had resigned or otherwise left the ARC, and interdepartmental contact with the few remaining became very difficult. Atomic Box was not the only department shuffled or dismantled; by late 2007 the complexion of the ARC was completed changed from 18 months prior. But the biggest overhaul had been focused at the top.

Simply put, the Commission was (and still is) completely ignoring its own original mission statement. Of the seven major projects currently underway, in my opinion at least five would not have been approved by our founding Board. Longstanding Commission doctrines and well-established bylaws are being circumvented or simply ignored. As a prime example, by Executive Board order departments are no longer required to notify the public in advance when an experiment has the chance of causing irreversible harm, and by inference a memo actually recommends that this danger be specifically hidden, with the experiment proceeding otherwise as normal. As another example, departments are no longer permitted to share research findings with the public or even with other ARC departments.

Because of the policies, mindset, and actions of the current ARC Board, and in the interest of the welfare of humankind at large, four weeks ago I went rogue.

As mentioned previously, I have managed to secure most of the former Atomic Box project's assets, and I seem to be close to contacting the Reverend Doctor Atomic. I am convinced that he will agree with my assessment of the current situation, and will support my plans for the future. Please note that I have not quit the Atomic Resonance Commission itself. I still believe in our original mission statement and the vision of our founding Board, and would like nothing more than to see the ARC returned to those days of promise.

We will rise up for the good of humankind.
We will excise this blight that threatens our bodies and our very souls.
We will reclaim The Future.

Special Agent Greene
17 September 2008
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